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We are able to provide from complex curves and compound shapes to glazed links.  With our machinery and expertise we can also manufacture a one-off to match your design and requirements.

Our windows can be tailor made to meet your requirements, from size and colour down to style and finish of handles

  • Sliding/Box Sash Windows

    This is a window that merges old with new....that combines traditional styling with modern technology.  The Ultimate 'Period' window there is little to improve upon.

    Sash windows are made to your specification, they have spiral spring balances that allows the sashes to glide smoothly up and down with the slightest of pressure and a concealed counter-balancing mechanism holds them firmly in any open position

  • Tilt & Turn Windows

    This attractive versatile window, as its name suggests, opens in two different directions.

    An advanced single handed gearing mechanism allows an inward and downward 'tilt' movement, ideal for ventilation whilst in the tilt position. And a side hung 'turn' action, which literally turns the window 'inside out
    which allows easy cleaning of the outside pane

  • Casement Windows

    This is the most common form of window design.  The very basic casement is designed to only open outwards in one movement.                                               

    We can build casement windows into any size wall opening and because our Mitre Master system is so flexible, consuming less time to manufacture than it would using traditional methods.

    A wide range of design options, allowing you to customise the design to your requirements.  Or they can be exact replicas of existing windows in conservation areas or listed buildings.